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    Dear readers,

    The revival of the traditional print media in the gaming industry is a bold and timely undertaking. It testifies to the publisher’s firm belief that the Ukrainian gaming market will take place and that the emerge of the gaming industry will require a professional and responsible means of information dissemination.

    However, society expects from each mass media more than just dissemination of any information. I believe that every real media has an important social mission — to serve as a platform for meaningful social dialogue and, thus, to promote transparency, predictability, trust and ultimately, increase market capitalization. Therefore, I hope that the new edition will be just such a medium.

    Excessively long ban on gambling in our country has made the rule «the less you say — the better» a part of the culture of the Ukrainian gaming business. However, if we want to create a developed market and a powerful gaming industry, all those involved — operators, B2B suppliers, players’ business associations, regulators, politicians — need to have an intensive open dialogue with each other. Creating a new information tool gives us an opportunity to start such a dialogue without hesitation and gradually change our culture.

    I wish you good luck
    and lots of inspiration!

    Iryna Serhienko,
    President of the Ukrainian
    Gaming Industry Association