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    Dear friends!
    Future readers, article writers and advertisers!

    I am glad to greet all those who welcome adoption of the Law of Ukraine implementing the civilized legal gambling business in our country.

    I greet all those who understand that the civilized gambling business is a branch of economy which in the way same to other trades brings money to the country budget and provides a rather large amount of the country population with jobs.

    I hope that majority of the participants of the gambling business market remembers the magazine “Entertainment Industry” which was published in the period from 2002 until 2009 and which was actively supported by the operators of the gambling market. The magazine and the exhibition with the same name used to come out simultaneously and acted as the grounds where the participants of this market displayed their products and offered their services and at the same time exchanged their ideas as to ways and conditions of further progress of the gambling business in the country.

    As many people in this country we for a long time awaited approval of the law which makes it possible to conduct the civilized legal business in Ukraine. And now this time came. We submit to your consideration the “old-new” magazine “Gaming Industry” covering the problems of gambling. Under the influence of time we made some changes in the title, format and the face of the magazine but left the idea and purpose — to be the ground for the operators of the gambling market where they can promote their products and services and also together with the representatives of legislative bodies and controlling agencies discuss urgent questions of existence and progress of the gambling business.

    We invite to cooperation and wait for topics which will help to further your products and services to the market of Ukraine and to improve its quality.

    I wish health and success to everybody!
    See you on the pages of the magazine!

    Valery Biliy,
    founder and organizer
    of the exhibition