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Vitalii Artuh. 5 questions – 5 answers

    Vitalii Artuh, company GameBridge, CEO, head of the sale department, in the gambling business since 2007.

    Exactly 12 years have passed since the ban on gaming in Ukraine (May 15, 2009).
    How did you survive this period, what did you do?

    Our company is manufacturing equipment for casinos and club poker. Since contrary to its regular status changes the club poker in Ukraine existed anyway we worked to support this sphere. Being a technical partner of the Ukraine Sport Poker Federation for over 12 years we supported not only its activities but also the work of its members — poker clubs by providing them with required equipment and accessories. Besides, we went on with producing the casino equipment but exported it abroad where such gambling institutions were legal.

    In your opinion, with the adoption of last year’s law on the legalization of gaming in Ukraine, will the situation improve, are you satisfied with the law as a whole?

    First of all, we are glad that this Law has been adopted. It is great progress, fundamental and strategic.
    Lawmakers have understood that there is a difference between the sports club poker and a gambling one. Now they will develop separately and it will have a positive effect for both of them.
    The situation in the gambling business will be improved. This sphere should become interesting not only for some great gamblers to launder money but also for businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors who put money into this sector to gain something. Surely the Law requires many amendments, changes and corrections to become more business-­oriented. But soon or later it will surely happen.

    Have you monitored the gaming businesses in other countries, how the industry has evolved?

    Sure, our company traditionally participates in international gambling exhibitions. For instance, we take part in the exhibition ICE Totally Gaming which is carried out annually in February in London as well as in the autumn exhibition BEGE in Bulgaria.
    Lately, it faces changes. Traditional land-based casinos more and more concede to online casinos which are accessible to any player in any spot of the globe at any time. And this site requires fewer investments than a land-based casino.
    Recently also a new fresh trend appeared — live casino. It has a special feature — no guests inside and a game is transmitted from a live studio. At the same time, there are used traditional equipment and staff to resemble a traditional casino. The portion of the live casino is permanently increasing and today our interest has moved in this direction. We started to develop, produce and service this sector as the most promising for us.

    Do you think the industry is being revived or reborn?

    I do not agree that the trade is reviving all over again. I considered earlier and keep on thinking now that Ukraine is one of the expert states concerning the development of the professional gambling sector with highly trained employees. They feel this business and can organize it properly. We saw how it happened in other countries, saw there the lack of real professionals, and often found that this business abroad had been organized by Ukrainian experts. All these facts say that one-day cancellation of high-class professionals has appeared in our country and nowadays they give a new breath to this business.
    I think that some of the facilities which earlier were used in the sphere of domestic gambling will come back as well as a certain amount of employees will return to their working places. It is possible also that some of those who in due time went abroad will come back to proceed with their professional activities here. I am saying about general managers, simple managers, dealers, croupiers. That is we already have a mature foundation that will leave a shadow, raise the head and start working — under new conditions and according to new rules.

    Have you already received a license to continue operating?

    As a manufacturing company, we have not yet obtained a license since up to this time it has not been specified by a legislator which license we should obtain. So we are waiting for this decision.