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National Federation of Billiard Sport of Ukraine

    Президент Федерації спортивного більярду України
    Ігор Віталійович Масол

    The main purpose of the Federation is to promote the development of various billiard disciplines in Ukraine, increase the role of physical culture and sports in the comprehensive and harmonious development of personality, strengthening the health of citizens; formation of a healthy lifestyle, and protection of the common interests of its members.

    The all-­Ukrainian public organization was established in 2001.

    Since the founding of the Federation, its constant leader is the President — Mr. Igor Masol.
    In 2003, the Federation received the national status for 3 billiard disciplines — pool, snooker and carom for 4 years. In 2008, it confirmed its status and was awarded the national status in 4 billiard disciplines — pool, snooker, carom and pyramid.
    Today, the Federation has 19 permanent separate units in most regions of Ukraine. It pays great attention to the development of children’s and youth sports, actively promotes the organization and holding of local, regional and national competitions among juniors, boys and girls.

    Youngsters from more than 16 regions of Ukraine take part in all-­Ukrainian billiards competitions every year. Progress in the development of Ukrainian children’s and youth billiards is visible in the international arena, our athletes annually take prizes at the World and European Championships.
    The Federation uses every opportunity to ensure the participation of Ukrainian athletes in international competitions. The national team of Ukraine in billiards annually goes to the championships and cups of the world and Europe in pool, snooker and pyramid, and every time returns with medals.

    Billiard disciplines pool and snooker are included in the program of the World Games (the International Olympic Committee is actively considering the inclusion of pool and snooker in the program of the Olympic Games), so, once again, we are emphasizing the achievements of Ukrainian athletes in these disciplines.

    The competition and level of professional snooker play is the highest among all billiard disciplines. The Federation has been actively developing snooker since 2005, but only in 2019, Ukrainian athletes were able to win the first medal: Team (Pair) European Snooker Championship — a team consisting of Vladislav Vyshnevsky and Anton Kazakov. Together with the Snooker Federation of Ukraine, we are promoting snooker in Ukraine. In early 2020, Kyiv resident Yulian Boyko won silver at the World Snooker Championship, and later gold at the European Snooker Championship in 6 red discipline. These victories allowed Ukraine to enter the professional snooker league, where all the star athletes of today compete.

    Every year the Federation of Sports Billiards of Ukraine holds more than 30 official national all-­Ukrainian competitions, both among men and women, and among juniors, boys, girls and veterans. Also, the federation annually holds competitions among scientific and pedagogical workers, students of higher educational institutions and schoolchildren. Competitions among university teachers are held in six cities of Ukraine, more than 60 teachers from the 28 largest universities of the country take part in these competitions, such as Taras Shevchenko National University, National Aviation University, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, National Academy of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. National Academy of Security Service of Ukraine, Chernivtsi National University, Poltava National Technical University, and many others.

    In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, Ukrainian billiard championships in pool, snooker and pyramid among students and schoolchildren are held, in which about ninety students and schoolchildren from various universities and schools of the country take part. In cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, our Federation organizes various competitions among employees of the central government departments, as well as among employees of embassies and consulates.

    Together with the Sports Committee of Ukraine, the Federation holds at least 4 all-­Ukrainian seminars among judges and coaches in billiards annually, under the guidance of international judges and coaches.

    Our representatives are members of the management of international billiard sports federations: Vice-­President of the International Confederation of Pyramids; Arbitration judge of the European Pocket Billiard Federation; Vice-­President of the East European Billiard Council.