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Larisa Denysova. 5 questions – 5 answers

    Larisa Denysova, sales director of company GameMaster, in the gambling business since 2003.

    Exactly 12 years have passed since the ban on gaming in Ukraine (May 15, 2009).
    How did you survive this period, what did you do?

    Since 2003 our trademark has gained general acceptance in the gambling trade. GameMaster successfully manufactures and sells equipment for the gambling industry.
    Our company was always open for international cooperation. It was the reason why its vistas were not limited after the ban was introduced in Ukraine.
    We opened new chances and set up cooperation with European colleagues where the gambling business was legal.
    We also assimilated new ideas and mastered fresh technologies, manufactured and sold elite furniture of class VIP, Lux (luxury) and Standard.

    In your opinion, with the adoption of last year’s law on the legalization of gaming in Ukraine, will the situation improve, are you satisfied with the law as a whole?

    The return of the gambling business to a legal sphere has without any doubt numerous advantages for the economy on the whole and particularly for a small-­scale business.
    We are sure that after changes in some legislative acts have been made this business will undergo the most effective development.

    Have you monitored the gaming businesses in other countries, how the industry has evolved?

    We constantly follow how the gambling business is developing in other countries, its trends, new technological opportunities and directions.
    Today company GameMaster can provide the entertainment industry with the best products of its segment. We are ready for unusual decisions and capable to present our products at the European level.

    Do you think the industry is being revived or reborn?

    The gambling business in Ukraine has moved from a dead point. After the legalization of a “grey” niche, it will become soon one of the rapidly growing segments. Transparency and openness/ this is a guarantee for all of us.

    Have you already received a license to continue operating?

    At this moment we have all regulating documents to operate in our segment.