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NOVOMATIC. Re-launching the market

    NOVOMATIC is by no means a new player in the Ukrainian gaming industry. Before the prohibition of gaming in 2009, the company was a key player in the thriving Ukrainian gaming market, with a portfolio of market-specific products that was highly popular across all local player demographics. Its products were cherished by the operators, and the group operated proprietary gaming venues across the country. But who is this company and where do they stand today?

    In 1980, a young entrepreneur with a visionary pioneering spirit and the courage to innovate laid the foundation for today’s global company: Professor Johann  F. Graf.

    Today, the NOVOMATIC Group is one of the biggest producers and operators of gaming Technologies, with approximately 20,600 staff worldwide, locations in 50 countries and exporting high-tech electronic gaming equipment to more than 70 countries. Part of the Group is also ADMIRAL Sportwetten GmbH, Austria’s leading sports betting operator as well as the Vienna-­based online gaming specialist Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH. The main markets of the Group are the Member States of the European Union; the Central, Eastern and South Eastern European markets where NOVOMATIC was, due to its early market entry, able to establish an excellent position; as well as expanding markets with exceptional growth such as Latin America and the US.

    In addition to its headquarters in Gumpoldskirchen, Lower Austria, the Group has production facilities and Research and Development centers in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Canada and the US — developing and producing products, services and solutions for all business segments such as Casino and VLT/SBG products, AWP/LPM for arcades, bars, bingo parlours, sports betting products and systems, casino management systems, accessories, as well as Online / mobile / social gaming solutions. NOVOMATIC has an excellent reputation for producing innovative high-tech gaming equipment and developing blockbuster content that is characterized by premium quality and reliability. Operators value the fast ROI, low maintenance costs and first-­class after-­sales service and support that NOVOMATIC’s products stand for. Top quality management and ISO certification policy are mandatory.

    NOVOMATIC is also a market leading player in Europe in terms of electronic casino operations, The Group operates more than 151,000 gaming machines worldwide in its 1,900 plus live game and electronic casinos as well as via rental concepts.

    With the re-opening of the market, NOVOMATIC returns with a plethora of products that local players are well familiar with as well as with new offers that are tailored to their taste and preferences — a safe bet for operators, in any case.

    A product portfolio with familiar player appeal

    NOVOMATIC re-enters the market with a sophisticated array of products and solutions that perfectly match today’s market requirements, player expectations and varied operator budgets. The portfolio comprises offers that are based on a proven popularity in the market before 2009 as well as recent international best-sellers and new blockbusters that are bound to make an impact on the Ukraine’s bourgeoning gaming floors.

    The eagerly anticipated return of the international big player to what used to be a truly thriving market was officially heralded by an exclusive in-house exhibition at Kiev’s Premier Palace Hotel that took place from November 30th to December 2nd 2020. Upon invitation only and strictly according to COVID-19 safeguarding measures, customers were welcomed to a comprehensive and market-specific product showcase presented by NOVOMATIC and friends.

    The portfolio for the Ukraine comprises classic video slots and jackpots as well as sophisticated floor management and access control systems. Highly competitive hardware offers such as the familiar FV610 Super-V+ Gaminator® or the new OPTIMUS 2.27 are available with a broad choice of CFII-s content such as the Legend Gaminator® 2T with a selection of 45 legendary titles or the Multi-Gaminator® deluxe with 10 classic titles in their original 5- or 9-line layouts. The brand new Gaminator® MY CASH Edition 1 meets the requirements of limited floor space and the demand for Progressive game offers at the same time with a plethora of games including Standalone Progressive titles.
    The premium offer for the discerning operator includes all the latest international multi-screen and curve cabinet highlights such as the V.I.P. Lounge™ series, the PANTHERA™ machines and the towering NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. Royal 2.65 with its luxuriously comfortable integrated chair. These cabinets are available with the latest high-end international content: NOVO LINE™ Interactive Edition X2 and CASH CONNECTION™ Edition 2 or the versatile Impera-Line™ HD Edition 7.
    For operators looking for a highly customer-oriented and discreet entrance control and casino management system, NBS is the solution of choice. The NOVOMATIC Biometric Systems use biometrics to implement an entrance control protocol that fulfills the highest standards for Responsible Gaming and the protection of minors. This system provides an excellent set of tools that take care of fundamental processes and smooth routines in the background of a casino operation.
    The dedicated offer of NOVOMATIC products and solutions for the Ukraine will also be showcased at the region’s upcoming gaming events. Customers that wish to learn more about NOVOMATIC’s portfolio or would like to schedule a demonstration will find more information under


    What are your expectations in the Ukraine?

    Historically, before the abolishment of gaming, NOVOMATIC had a very strong footprint in the Ukrainian market, with a high market share in the machines sector and a well-balanced business comprising rental and sales of gaming equipment as well as Group-owned gaming operations, that provided us with a first-hand expertise of player demographics and preferences. NOVOMATIC products had a very strong presence at the gaming shows and — based on their superior performance — an excellent reputation with our many customers and partners in the local industry. Accordingly, we have high expectations to be able to quickly re-establish our position — with a portfolio of hand-picked offers for a market that will be required to mature very quickly.

    Which are your key products that you expect to have the biggest impact?

    We have quite a number of highly promising market-­specific offers, all of which we have diligently selected with all kinds of operator requirements in mind. And I would like to add that we are very happy to return to Ukraine and to be able to offer our products under thoroughly regulated market conditions. We are excited about the upcoming gaming shows which will present excellent opportunities to meet old friends and new partners alike — and I am convinced that they will be impressed with our portfolio of top performers for their business.

    Ryszard Presch,
    Member of the Board NOVOMATIC AG

    What is the USP of your products for the local market?

    The competitive advantage of our portfolio is based on all these aspects mentioned by Ryszard Presch. Plus, on the one hand, we can now provide machines and games that will meet the players where they had to leave off in 2009, meaning equipment that will feel very familiar to them and are reminiscent of old preferences — but which at the same time has been subject to technological development and progress both in terms of hardware and software. On the other hand, we have a state-of-the art premium portfolio of internationally proven recent highlights that we are also introducing in Ukraine.

    Which are your key products that you expect to have the biggest impact?

    We have particularly high expectations for the two brand new multi-game offerings Gaminator® MY CASH Edition 1 and CASH CONNECTION™ Edition 2, both of which are available in a variety of highly competitive cabinets. Like most European markets and due to the limited floor space in the casinos, Ukraine is a traditional multi-game market, meaning operators opt for a multitude of titles on a small foot print. Both these game compendiums meet these requirements with a large package of titles, including all the classics and must-haves. And on top of that they satisfy the growing appetite of European players for progressive games with a selection of Standalone or Linked Progressive titles, respectively, each with the player favourite Lock ‘N’ Win progressive feature.

    Vitas Janulynas,
    General Director HTL Ukraine LLC