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Ukraine will see another big name in the Gaming Machine Industry

    As the government is re-opening the casino gaming sector in the country, ISMS is looking to introduce its slot machines with all the certifications and documentations into the Ukrainian market.

    ISMS is one of the world largest resellers of new, used and remanufactured electronic gaming machines, it was founded by Sam Arnold and it has been in business for over 18 years.

    After the recent changes in the Ukrainian market, ISMS is viewing these changes as new opportunities, the company is aware of those changes in the industry and in customer demands.
    ISMS is a private company that can make decisions quickly. If they think that they have a good idea, they move forward.

    In essence, they take latest-­technology slots from the international market, give them an intensive refurbishment and resupply in as-new condition to a wide range of buyers across the world. Due to the large stock at its warehouses, ISMS can supply the machines to its customers in a quick manner with approved certifications and required documentations.

    ISMS has regional headquarters around the world, fanning out to take in Latvia for EMEA, Miami for the Caribbean and Latin America, and Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, for Australasia. There is also a base in London, another in Hong Kong and one in Laos.

    Sam Arnold the founder and President of the company likens ISMS’ role to that of TK Maxx (premium outlet store), the major retailer of new, mostly big-name clothing to the general public. “We take what’s ready to take out of a big prestige location, put it through an intensive refurbishment program and resell it into the marketplace.”

    A new slot can cost US$18,000, but ISMS can supply current-­technology slots little more than three months old, with warranty, for $6,000.

    It has worked well for Sam and his team. Each of his purpose-­built factories is staffed by highly qualified technicians who take a machine apart, renew, reinvigorate, replace, refurbish and generally put it through the mill to bring it back to new condition. “You can’t tell the difference,” he says, and operators can buy a remanufactured machine at huge savings over an all-new one.

    He believes that ISMS completes an essential service to the wider gaming community, bringing into the realms of affordability all that’s new in technology for the operator who is building a smaller business into a bigger one. “In the process we have made many friends all over the world,” said Sam, “many of whom remain close personal friends today even though they have built their businesses with our help. “We remain in touch; we remain on a client supplier basis even though they may now be able to buy new and they often see no reason to change things.

    “It is all about personal relationships. I am often invited to their family celebrations and we remain firmly loyal to one another. That is perhaps the most satisfying part of this business.”

    The basis of the business is the ability of ISMS to pull in stocks of current technology machines. “We reject as many as we process,” he said, “but if you want, by way of illustration, the latest iPhone at x price, or you can buy the same thing from Sam at a fraction of the price. I also use the comparison of buying an ex-demonstration vehicle. We do it through our strong supply chain and the contacts that we have built up.”

    While Sam describes his customer base as friends going back a long way who may now have built their businesses up to maturity with ISMS’ help, he cites the emerging and new jurisdictions as primary stamping ground for his products. “Those jurisdictions are all over the world and that is where our fresh partnerships derive from; they see us initially as a vital steppingstone in the growth of their business.

    But ISMS is not just about selling used or nearly new slots, the company has three main revenue streams: sales, revenue share and their own operations. Sam elaborated: “Our company — across the three regions of Asia-­Pacific, Europe and the Americas — has three main revenue streams. The first is our core business, which is sales. Globally we supply pre-owned slot machines, many of which are just a few months old, and they are priced as used machines. We also supply software, parts, associated casino equipment, plus casino consultancy services. That’s the core activity.”

    “The second revenue stream is our revenue share business. We are a significant operator of machines on revenue share contracts; we operate with partners and we as a company don’t just place our machines on straight revenue share — we supply trained personnel placed on site to assist with running our equipment. We have technicians on hand, slot managers, marketing people also based on site to promote our equipment. It helps to make sure we can maximize revenue for both ourselves and our partners.”

    “Third activity is our own casino operations which is slowly growing, and we are opening new venues, applying for new licenses and building facilities all the time.”

    The ISMS branding is easily spotted at trade events with its orange and black colour scheme, and the company always makes sure it is very visible even on the walkways. But they don’t have a message for customers, as such. Sam concluded: “Coming up with new slogans is a thing of the past. We are now just transparent; people see through slogans and gimmicks. What we deliver is what is important, the proof is in the pudding. The best way to describe what we do is, if I can liken it to a mobile phone, we as a company are not selling or supporting selling iPhone 3 or 4; we are the company supplying iPhone 12 or even 12 Pro at used prices.”

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