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Members of the Ukrainian Gambling Council has signed a Memorandum on Gambling Advertising

    After several months of fruitful cooperation on the document, legal gambling operators – members of the Ukrainian Gambling Council signed a memorandum on gambling advertising.

    This document is aimed at forming the basis for a joint approach of gambling operators in online and offline advertising of their products and services. It is based on responsible gambling principles and the idea of social responsibility of the gambling business to players.

    It is noteworthy that this memorandum is an instrument of general regulation and self-regulation, which sets out a general approach to determining advertising and/or sponsorship formats and does not establish new legal regulations. It serves as a confirmation of the signatories’ intentions to adhere to the rules defined in the memorandum.

    The memorandum was signed by 11 licensed gambling operators: Parimatch Ukraine, Shangri La Kyiv, Slots City, First, PIN-UP.UA, Cosmolot, Volna 4444, PokerMatch Ukraine, FavBet, GGPoker, and VBET.

    It contains the following key provisions:

    ·       Gambling advertising on radio and television, including via cable, satellite, or IP-television, online or mobile television, digital broadcast television and other signal transmission means from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. shall be prohibited.

    ·       Advertising on goods (in particular, clothing) intended for persons under 21 years of age shall be prohibited.

    ·       Advertising in venues of entertainment, theatre and concert, sporting and other events for persons under 21 years of age shall be prohibited.

    ·       Advertising on web-sites containing information or materials of a pornographic nature, scenes of cruelty, violence/torture, humiliation of honour and dignity, cynicism, drug use, calls for racial or ethnic hatred shall be prohibited.

    ·       Advertising materials should use a warning text: “Participation in gambling may cause gambling addiction. Observe the responsible gambling rules (principles)”, the size of which must be at least 15% of the total advertising area.

    ·       Persons (photo models) shooting commercials must be 21 years of age or older.

    ·       The Parties should refrain from traffic pirating and misleading players by using similar trademarks of other Parties to this Memorandum.

    ·       Sponsored videos must not contain the image of the service process or imitation of such a process (pressing buttons, holding chips in hands, spinning the roulette or placing bets), the process of pouring/giving or otherwise moving money, coins, payment cards and precious metals.

    ·       The parties have agreed not to use the link (QR code) in the sponsorship information when publishing sponsored materials.

    ·       The gambling operator’s brand and name must constitute less than 40% (forty percent) of the total sponsored material.

    The memorandum shall be valid until 31 December 2025, and the Ukrainian Gambling Council shall be its holder.