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Dear readers of Gaming Industry Magazine

    For more than a year now, the gambling business in Ukraine has been officially legal. Gambling organizers are actively entering the new market, and the budget is already receiving the first revenues. However, the period in which the gambling market is now can be called a transition.

    lthough legal business is actively growing in Ukraine, it is still operating illegally. Because the shadow business, which lived quietly for 11 years, is not so easy close. But we already see healthy competition in the legal market, with gambling organizers themselves getting involved in the fight against illegal business. Together, we are gradually moving towards a complete cleanup of the gambling market.

    The closure of seven thousand disgusting venues under the guise of lotteries and the transfer of gambling to a regulated civilized channel has led to the fact that now citizens lose much less money than when gambling worked underground. And, of course, we already see the receipt of the first money from the payment for legal licenses to the state budget. And adoption of the tax code will bring to the budget even more revenues from the gambling market.

    The formation and development of the gambling market in Ukraine are eloquently shown by the held specialized exhibitions, which bring together producers and participants from around the world. I visited, for example, Gaming Industry Exhibition. It was interesting, and for me, it was an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends and better understand how the market works.

    I will be very happy if the gambling market in Ukraine focuses on foreigners. And I will do everything possible for this. And I wish all gambling organizers to follow the principles of responsible gaming and make money honestly.

    We, as people’s deputies of Ukraine, will help the gambling business to work for the benefit of the country. I think that everything will not be limited to tax changes only. We will work to make it easier for foreigners to come and play in Ukraine.

    I expect that shortly we will see less crime, less ludomania. A regulated gambling market is a good market. We will see greater revenues to the state budget. I think that in the coming years we will reach 200–300 million dollars in revenue from the gambling business.

    I wish all participants of the gambling market good luck and fair play!

    People’s Deputy of Ukraine
    Maryan Zablotsky