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    Exclusive Interview with Radostina Valcheva, Director of EGT Georgia and Ukraine

    — What are your general expectations for the exhibition? What is EGT anticipating in Kyiv?

    After the marvelous experience we had at the Gaming Industry Exhibition in June 2021, we are about to continue our activity, having set even greater goals for the upcoming exhibition. We believe that this year’s event will be more productive and inspiring for exhibitors and visitors alike, taking into consideration our already established background at the market. Each exhibition is a possibility for us to present our products, to meet our well-known friends, to make new acquaintances, to discover new prospects and reach new peaks of success.

    — Which products and services are we looking to present at GI 2021? What are the highlights going to be for us this year?

    EGT has an extensive catalog and we’ll try to get those in attendance as familiar as possible with a wide variety of cabinets, multiplayer stations, and software. Guests will have the opportunity to experience the G 55 C VIP, G 55 J1 VIP, and G 32-32 VIP, as well as other General and Premier series cabinets with attractive Jackpot solutions. Multiplayer devices such as the Auto RC, accompanied by S32, S 32-32 and S 32-55 play stations will certainly draw attention with their outstanding design and many intriguing features.  Being that we are not just suppliers of equipment, we try to offer complete solutions to clients, a good example being the Spider Casino Management System, a vital choice for operators that are opening new locations.

    — Is it safe to say that casino operators in Ukraine are particularly interested in EGT products and why?

    It is, and mainly because we have established a brand, associated with technological innovation and quality. We always do our best to meet the operators’ requirements and provide high quality service. It is also safe to say we are preferred by the operators of newly opened gaming establishments that I mentioned before. We’re confident that we’ll meet and gladly do business with a number of them in Kyiv.

    — What are EGT positions in this market? Do we plan new major installations and what are the company’s future plans?

    As I said, Ukraine is a very potent market, so our goal is to become one of the leading providers of complete solutions for the gaming businesses there. We are on the right course sales-wise, and we have many strategical advantages, such as our extensive catalog, our excellent technical support, and last but not least, our reputation of driving the desired results for our clients and ourselves alike.