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Company: Pascal Poker


The project aims at Pascal Poker to further promote e-poker in Ukraine, especially among young people, as well as to convey that it is a major international sport.

  • Dealers for our tables are not required, several administrators will be enough for management of the whole club through the multipurpose browser admin. We train the staff.
  • The rake is adjusted and automatically deducted from each hand.
  • There is our round-the-clock technical support to ensure the system’s operability.
  • To work you only need electricity and internet (wi-fi or cable)


Advantages of this table before usual tables:

  • staff costs 10-15 times lower (no dealers needed at all)
  • distribution speed (the turnover of money at the table increases and you get more profit)
  • no poker equipment costs (cards, chips, etc.)
  • contactless game (players do not have contact with cards / chips, which carries security during the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • convenient and multifunctional personal account for club management, statistics, rating formation, etc.
  • Fair play (absence of the human factor excludes the possibility of tampering with the results of the game by the dealer / player)
  • no theft / fraud by staff
  • possibility of holding tournament series of the whole network of clubs (local / regional / world)

Available types of poker:

  • Texas Limit
  • Texas holdem NL
  • Omaha PL
  • Omaha 5 draw

Bank management:

  • limit
  • postlimit
  • unlimited

Number of seats at the table – 10

Table materials:

  • genuine leather (Alcantara)
  • table-top from an artificial shock-resistant stone
  • tempered shockproof glass of the central display
  • designer legs from an artificial stone
  • multitouch touchscreen (12.5 ‘)
  • the central display (55 ‘) of the increased viewing angle


  • 10 multi-touch displays of 12.5 inches
  • central QLED display 55 inches elevated viewing angle
  • LED backlit table legs
  • LTE / WI-FI module
  • artificial stone
  • alcantara
  • anti-vandal glass
  • Length – 2690 mm
  • Width – 1475 mm
  • Height – 850 mm
  • Weight – 200 kg
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